So you know what a Personal Trainer does. And you’re pretty sure on what a nutritionist can offer. But what exactly is a Health Coach?

“I’ll be your guide on the side for your wild ride” – Kara Martin Snyder

The role of the Health Coach

Your Health Coach is your ally in the wellness world. We are the missing link between doctor, nutritionist, personal trainer and holistic healer. It is our role to help create implementable and easy strategies to prevent illness and enhance wellness.

What is a health coach?

Don’t wait for illness to value wellness!

With a Health Coach, you as the client are in the driving seat.

The Coach is there to encourage positive changes to take you further towards your wellness goals. Health Coaches have a strong focus on behavioural choices along with an in depth understanding of dietary patterns and overall health markers, filling an important and distinct role that compliments the tasks of health professionals and works harmoniously to develop strategies that enact real, lasting lifestyle changes.

Holistic Approach using Primary Food

Heard of Primary Food? Well you’ll know all about it soon enough! What are the things that make you the most happy? Maybe it’s the relationships you cultivate? Perhaps it’s your deeper connection to your body in nature? Maybe (like me!) it’s your love of all things sports and exercise? A Health Coach will coach you around way more than just food, in order to allow you to live your best, most fulfilled life.

Nothing worth having was ever handed to you on a plate

What you won’t get from a Health Coach is a quick fix weight loss fad and meal plan. No-one can listen to your body like you can. So we personalise the experience, testing and adjusting as we go. The Health Coach puts YOU as the expert on you.

But you have to be willing to commit. To put in some effort to make your wellness mission worth while. This means being guided towards the right path. But you have to walk down it yourself. By being given the right tools you will learn how to stay healthy and well for life, not just for a two week plan!

A Health Coach with a specialist subject

Now, I’m not one to boast, but I’m a pretty special Health Coach. Of the four Primary Concepts that I coach around, one is Movement. And it just so happens I am an industry expert! 10 years in the fitness industry means my knowledge of all things anatomical, physiological and exercise wise is top notch. So I make it my goal to ensure you are fit for your purpose, whatever that may be. I believe in optimal performance through optimal function, both physiological, anatomically and mentally!

A well rounded Health Coach

As a Health Coach I seek to guide you towards establishing balance. This means approaching coaching with no judgement, and without preconceived ideas of how I might be able to help. I aim to walk the talk, and would ask nothing of you that I wouldn’t be willing to do myself. I coach how I train – leading from the front!

My holistic approach covers four main areas, which you can see below.

The Honey Lawson Wheel of Health:

HL Wheel of Health

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