If you saw my blog on my essential Essential Oils, then you’ll know I took a good variety of blends with me whilst travelling around Asia. I thought I’d post a little update as to what I’ve found most useful.


The two most useful blends I’ve used whilst travelling:

First thing’s first – we went to Thailand to train, and with training meant aches and bruises. Add to the mix that I appear to be naturally accident prone, and there were a lot of scrapes to treat. This meant straight away I was using the Deep Blue doTerra mix before and after workouts, and the Bite Soother (which also soothes bruises and cuts!). These were a powerful combo, and one that allowed me to train to my max because I was recovering quickly. A must have for me now wherever I go!

Why does the essential oil Bite Soother work so well? Lavender is a total queen amongst the essential oils. Not only does it have calming and relaxing properties (so if you struggle to sleep in new places, then you will 100% benefit from having this on hand), but since ancient times it has been used to soothe skin irritations. Add to this the purifying properties of Melaleuca (Tea Tree), which is cooling and cleansing, and the antiseptic and disinfectant agent that is Frankincense, and you have a recipe for healing! 



Bug bites

When we forgot to use our bug spray! Ouch!

after using the bite soother

The bites after using the bite soother











home made bite soother


To complete the mixture, just fill up the rest of the roller with a carrier oil. I used fractionated coconut oil.


Turbo charged bug spray

On top of this, I was pretty pleased to quash Mitch’s scepticism when it came to the Terra Shield bug spray. Despite him saying it smelt ‘too nice’ to work, every time we remembered to use it, we never got bitten! #winning

I hear what you’re thinking though: why bother with this essential oil version when I can just use my trusty DEET bug spray? 

Well here’s the thing; ever sprayed yourself with a DEET filled bug spray only to find the paint of your watch strap slowly stripping off an hour after use?! I think it practically melted my Casio watch strap when I was religiously spraying myself on exercise in the army. That stuff is strong! DEET, which is short for N,N-Diethyl-m-toluamide, has shown in one study to have negative health affects on at least 1/4 of subjects involved, including skin rashes, nausea, headaches and dizziness. Plus, it stinks! If I can use a much nicer smelling, much less likely to harm me, solution then I’m game. Are you in?!


Surviving travel sickness

We’ve also done exceptionally well at avoiding getting sick, despite numerous flights, 10 hour plus coach rides, and multiple different cuisine changes! I’m putting this down to my religious use of the On Guard blend daily (behind the back of my ears).

What is so special about On Guard? This is a powerful proprietary blend that supports healthy immune function and contains cleansing properties. The deliciously smelling combination of Wild Orange Peel, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Leaf, amongst others, is dreamy. I practically cried when my roller bottle showed up empty of this warm and spicy blend! 


Hand sanitiser

This focus enhancing, refreshing spray came in super handy not only for our hands, but for a whole host of other things… For instance, our boxing gloves were grateful of a spray after a wipe down post Muay Thai session! The bike helmet which we were renting smelt a whole lot better once I’d given it a couple of spray toos. And Mitch’s flipflops were transformed with a few much needed sprays!

Spray the boxing gloves!

I’ll do a separate post on the oil I’ve been using on my skin soon… I didn’t bring any face wash, toner, moisturiser or other face creams (except sun screen) and it’s felt amazing just using one thing for over a month. And I’m surprisingly impressed with the results.


I didn’t bring any conventional bug spray, cut healer or muscle soother, and so far I am more than happy with how my magic blends have been performing! If you want to know more about the oils, why I am using them and how they might help you too, then get in touch.


Some more of my injuries:


A failed box jump damaged my shin. Deep Blue and my bite soother massively reduced the swelling!

Oil on foot

After a run in with some coral!