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Below are some of the most common statements i hear from busy, SUCCESSFUL women. Check them out, and if any resonate, click on one the posts that may be of service to you! 

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“I can’t find the time to fit in ALL OF MY ‘TO DO’ LIST, AND be healthy. I don’t even know where to start!”

Well lovely, you are not the first, and sure as hell won’t be the last busy woman to think this!

So here’s my advice: living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to take up bucket loads of your time. Instead of adding in a whole heap of healthy habits that you need to include in your daily routine, it’s about adjusting your old habits to benefit you more. So we’re not adding in more, we’re just swapping out.

Sound good? Here’s a few more resources that might help you do that:

“I’ve tried every diet going, but nothing seems to stick with me. I’m just left feeling worse off about myself than when I started!”

Unfortunately, diets tend to do this to us. For the most part, they encourage unrealistic deprivation techniques which are unmaintainable, but in the backlash from our body we end up blaming ourselves for our failure at ‘yet another diet’.

DIETS DON’T WORK! Want to know more? Read one of my posts below, and you’ll also find ways of tuning in to your own intuition, and you may just discover that the person who is best set to give you nutrition advice is the person who looks back at you from the mirror!

“I lose motivation quickly. Unless I’m helD accountable nothing seems to stick. Am I doomed to a life of half completed exercise regimes and uneaten salads?!”

You are not doomed, and you most certainly are not alone! Motivation peaks and troughs, just like excitement, passion and mood! We need to create habits that stick in order to take the decision making and will power out of our healthy lifestyle. Because motivation will sway, and will-power doesn’t last. Making permanent changes that fit into your daily life, non-negotiable that make you feel amazing every time you practice them, are what makes the difference.

Need help in staying accountable? See how online training could help:

“I never feel 100%. I’m either stressed, tired, lacking drive or just full on out of love with my body. I’m pretty sure I’m not meant to feel like this all the time, but I’m not sure how to change it.”

It’s sad that we’ve come to accept that feeling tired but wired is OK, being busy is something to relish, and a bloated stomach is just the norm. None of this is normal, and you shouldn’t have to accept it as so. We all DESERVE to feel AMAZING. And I can guide you on the path to realising your true potential, and feeling amazing, daily!

“I’m ready for a new challenge! I know I’m at my best when I’m pushing myself physically and mentally. So… what’ve you got for me?!”

Now we’re talking! Challenge is my middle name! Whether it’s an endurance event, an adventurous escape or giving you the extra guidance you need in order to live out your purpose, I am on hand to make sure it happens.

Are you ready for incredible things to happen once you get outside of your comfort zone?