Self Care Advent Calendar

Self Care Advent Calendar


I’ve decided to do Christmas a little different this year,

Though there’ll still be lots of celebration & festive cheer

Instead of stressing & pulling out my hair,

I’m going to relax, and prioritise self care.

Self care christmas 1

So why not join me for 24 days,

As I show you how to feel well in a multitude of ways.

Each day I will share a way to look after yourself,

And in return, this Christmas, you’ll feel full of health!

Self care christmas 3

You just open my virtual self-care advent calender for a tip a day

And we’ll enjoy our countdown to Christmas in the best kind of way.

Through nutrition, movement, mind-set and rest

I will ensure we reach Christmas feeling our best!


Click on ‘are you in’ below to sign up, and get exclusive content, offers and workouts as part of my Self Care Advent Calendar.



Self care christmas 3