Honey Lawson Fitness is about more than just working up a sweat. If you choose to invest in your body, you deserve the best. You want to leave each session feeling accomplished, satisfied and inspired. Whether you want Personal Training in Derby or Nottingham, to attend group classes in Nottingham, or you are further afield and want online training, we can find the solution to suit your requirements.

Once we’ve established your short, medium and long-term goals, we create a unique program to have you on your way to achieving any challenge. The training is varied, fun and constantly pushing you in ways you never dreamed of.

“I can’t recommend Sarah enough. Her dedication and enthusiasm for what she does is infectious. She pushes you beyond your boundaries from which you get a great sense of accomplishment. My overall fitness has improved and I’ve achieved far more than I ever could have anticipated. “

Colette, Bahrain PT & Bootcamp Client

“What can I say about Sarah…motivational, professional, inspiring, knowledgeable and lots of fun too! Since training with Sarah I have lost over 10kg, but more importantly I’ve started to understand more about nutrition and how to fuel my body for everything I ask of it. Without Sarah’s help and support I wouldn’t have achieved what I have done so far; I am feeling so much happier inside and out! “

Dani, Bahrain PT and Bootcamp client

“I was personally very lucky to have worked alongside Sarah in the Army and can put my hands up and confidently say that there’s a meticulous excellence in everything she turns her hand to. Always prepared to lead by example and put herself through whatever she was asking of others. If you’re looking for a Personal Trainer you couldn’t be in safer hands if you want results!! “

Staff Sergeant Redpath, British Army

What’s the

value of A Personal


Anyone can look up a workout plan and follow along. The value in Personal Training is in the initial fitness screening, progression based programming, effective exercise selection and attention to form and execution.

Training with Honey Lawson, you’ll never do the same workout twice, yet you’ll see physical and mental improvements almost immediately. Once one goal is met, you’ll be addicted to seeing how much you can achieve, aiming higher and higher, whilst gaining a new-found respect of what you are capable of with the right tools.

Train in the comfort of your own home or a local park, either with a personal trainer in Derbyshire, or via an online call and virtual programming.

Download the 5 Weeks to Fit Ebook if you want to start training right away! 


Group Based Training and Bootcamps in derbyshire

Goal Based Group Training

Being fit for purpose means training to set conditions. Whether a group of you are training for your first obstacle race, you want to complete a triathlon, or are planning to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, Honey Lawson Health can create the training package for you.

And Sarah has prepared people to do just that. After completing a three week Bootcamp, some clients took the challenge and climbed to the top of Africa’s highest mountain!
Also, Sarah has trained the first female Bahraini in preparation, and throughout attending, the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

Whatever the challenge, we’re here to help you make it happen!

The benefits of training in a group are tenfold: morale, motivation, encouragement and healthy competition are just some of the added benefits. Train with your friends and hold each other accountable as you share in the challenges, progress and transformations!

Sarah has been teaching groups of women for over 8 years, and knows how to challenge all abilities. Combining cardiovascular training with strength and resistance work will be sure to have you sweaty, strong and satisfied.

Sarah incorporates all assets of her training into her classes; she boxed with the Army and loves to embrace the empowering feeling of throwing a few punches in class (with you, not at you!). Her Pilates training means not only will you be strengthening, but you’ll be toning and lengthening, preventing injury and ensuring you’re fit for any challenge!

For local fitness classes in Nottingham and Derby, check out the events page.