If you’ve been to any of my workshops, classes or my retreat, and read my blog then you have likely heard me go on about healthy non-negotiables. These are little things we can do every day that have a positive effect on our health.

They’re small, manageable things. They’re the piece of paper under your heels, that when repeated over time become a phone book. This is where we see the difference.

Sometimes people really struggle with coming up with a healthy non-negotiable, so I’ve got some for you. I’ve broken them down into the categories that I coach my clients in: nutrition, movement, mind set and rest.

I’m not suggesting you do all of these, and perhaps after reading through them you can come up with ones more appropriate to your needs. Which area do you feel like you’re lacking somewhat? Are you great with your nutrition and movement, but never take time to rest? Then choose something form that category. Once you’ve managed to implement one or two, see if you can add a few more from the areas you need it most!

Once you’ve chosen, see if you can do them each day for the next 30 days.

Let me know how you get on. And I’d love to hear if you have any to add!


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