Do you ever think about what it would be like to have your dream body? The things you could do! The places you’d go! The clothes you’d where! Well I am telling you that you can have your dream body, right now. In fact, you already have it, you just need to shift your perception.

Ok so now you’re pissed off with me; I’ve basically told you that you can have the body of your dreams by adjusting your dreams. Well, on the one hand that is true, but on the other hand it goes a little deeper than that.

What will you do once you’re in this dream body?

What is it about your ‘dream body’ that has you so gripped? What will you do once you’re in the dream body? Prance around in a bikini all day?? (and you live in Scotland you say??!!) Take an inordinate number of selfies to post to your Instagram account, hoping for some likes and nice comments? Probably not! You are perhaps thinking: ‘when I have my dream body I can get that job/relationship/raise/enter missing link here!’. But you can already have those things.

You can have it all now, in the body you have today.

When we put things off until we reach our dream body we are doing a number of things:

  • Endorsing diet culture, and agreeing that our body/looks amount to our worth
  • Putting off a whole host of awesome things that you could actually be doing today
  • Believing in the beauty myth, that we are not ‘enough’ because of our aesthetic
  • Not honouring how great your body is right here, right now, because of what it can do

How to start living in your body today

Stop putting the emphasis on what you will do “when you lose weight”, or “when you reach xx size”. And start living right now! Place value on the things you do, actions you take, values you uphold. Compliment yourself on the great things you’ve achieved already, and what you are working on right now to achieve in the future. Stop thinking you need to love every single part of your body in order to be great. We think if we don’t love our body, then we need to change it until we do. Let me tell you this… I have no doubt the women that we think we want to look like do not love every part of themselves. If you’re waiting for that to happen until you live fully, it might be a long time coming! You are not defined by your body. Love what you do, love who you are, and accept that your body was the instrument given to you in order to achieve it.

If you struggle with your own body image, can’t seem to stop dieting but never reach your happy place, then get in touch and we can see if health coaching could be what you need to feel your best, and start living fit for your purpose.

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