With holiday season in full swing, the hubby (Mitch) and I have gone one step further and taken 3 months off to travel around some of Asia. How’s that for top trumps ; )

When deciding what to pack, I took great care in choosing what I was going to bring in order to keep my body in peak condition, inside and out. This meant getting creative and making some amazing essential oil blends to keep us ticking over nicely.

Here are a few of my essential oil blends that I decided were essential for travelling around Asia:

Bug spray blend: An essential this time of year!

For the bug spray, I’m using doTERRA’s premade blend, Terrashield, to keep the bugs at bay.

ZenGest: Sorting out any digestive troubles

I take a drop of ZenGest daily in my glass of warm water and lemon, and I won’t be stopping whilst we’re away! Helping to keep my digestive system in order, it’ll be priceless when I’m off experiencing all the new foods I can find! But I also made a ‘Digestive help’ blend, diluting the ZenGest with Fracitionated Coconut oil as the carrier, which I can rub on my belly at times of discomfort (or when I know discomfort is likely, like when flying!).

Hand sanitizer: because you never know when you might get grubby!

This delicious smelling sanitizer is a simple blend of lemon oil, melaleuca and coconut carrier oil. Fresh, antibacterial and satisfyingly tingly.

Immune booster: because no-one’s travels should be hampered with sickness!

This little blend is simply doTERRA’s On Guard blend, mixed with coconut carrier oil. Energising, uplifting and supportive of a healthy cardiovascular system, this will ensure we can work hard in the gym, and still play hard of an evening. A little rub on the pulse points when needed (including when flying!) is all it takes!

Bite soother: because it’s inevitable

This little magic potion is a life saver when those itchy little mites find their way to a bite. It’s a mixture of melaleuca, lavender and frankincense with fractionated coconut oil. A dab over the bite immediately reduces the itch and leaves you satisfied that you can carry on another day ; )

essential oil bite soother

Skin magic: the all in one skincare answer

I didn’t want to be bogged down with skin products this trip, as we’re moving around so much, so I wanted one magic wonder that could do it all. Well here it is! Frankincense – the king of oils – mixed with a carrier of oil of Tamanu, known for its skin rejuvenating properties. Simple, effective – big tick!

Deep Blue: because we don’t want to ache!

One of our main goals in Thailand is to experience Muay Thai training in its natural habitat. That means we are probably going to be getting our butts kicked!! DoTERRA’s Deep Blue blend is AMAZING both pre and post workout, so this one was in the bag for sure. Mixed with fractionated coconut oil, and I’ll be getting Mitch to give me a massage every night – for the good of the Muay Thai cause, of course!

essential oils for travelling

Altitude blend: because… EVEREST!

Our trip culminates in a trek up to Island Peak and Everest Base Camp. I am super excited about this, but also aware of the perils of altitude sickness. In order to be as prepared as possible, I’ve made a little blend that can help at any sign of sickness. Peppermint oil, the wonder oil for all ailments, has been mixed with Jojoba oil. Why not coconut oil carrier? Well we’ll get 100m up the mountain and my lovely blend will have solidified already!

Lavender: for when we need a deep sleep

I LOVE LAVENDER! So I mixed it up with a coconut oil carrier and it’s ready for whenever we need it : )

So there you have it! My lotions and potions that are coming half way across the world with me. Stay tuned to my Instagram to see how we use them in every day life, and be sure to get in touch if you want any advice on how to use, where to get them, or dilution measurements when making your blends.