As I grow and develop as a health coach, it is so exciting to see the influence I can have, thanks to the power of being online. But as an experienced Personal Trainer, with my clients used to me being there in person, guiding, prompting and encouraging, it can be hard to see the benefits of online training.

Today I am talking to the incredibly talented and experienced online coach, Janey Holliday, about the benefits her clients started to see when she went into online coaching, and we also talk briefly about our new course, The 10 Minutes a Day Bootcamp. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the blog where you can try the online Bootcamp FOR FREE , and see just how big an impact an online Bootcamp can be, when you have the freedom to fit it around your every day life!

Here is Janey and I talking all things online:

A round up of the benefits of online training:

  • It’s so flexible – You can do it anywhere, any time, and for as long as you have!
  • You get the best experts on hand, wherever you are in the world.
  • It’s a cost effective way of having a bank of workouts at your fingertips.
  • You don’t have to deal with online information overload. The information is set at an appropriate pace, drawing on all the information you need in a manageable format (instead of googling and getting 1 billion results!).
  • You can become part of a community of like minded women, supporting and empowering each other.
  • It can fit so easily into your life, that it becomes a healthy habit that you enjoy! 

Janey and I have created the most amazing online Bootcamp, which we discuss in the video. And especially for you, we are letting you try it out FOR FREE! See if the online format works for you in The 10 Minutes a Day Bootcamp. Just click on the button below to sign up. Be sure to check your emails to have IMMEDIATE access to two audios, and three workouts! In this free trial you don’t get access to The Make It Happen Club, but that is a really invaluable addition to the Bootcamp so remember when you sign up you’ll have that access to that incredible community of women who are ready to upgrade their lifestyle and be fit for a purpose: fit for life!