The 10 Minutes a Day Bootcamp


An online bootcamp that won’t feel like a bootcamp!

But it will totally change the shape of your body and make you feel completely empowered as a woman, with just 10 minutes of your time for exercise, and 10 minutes of your time to listen to incredibly inspirational and informative audios per day.

This 12 week program starts as soon as you sign up, so you can get started TODAY!

NO cardio, a SIMPLE format, perfect for BUSY women who want quick body gains and long term health wins!

We all deserve to feel incredible in our body, starting TODAY! Join us and you will too.

Now on sale for just £25 for the entire course!!

This means it’s just £2 per week, or 30p per day! And for this you get 10 minutes of inspiration in the form of organisation, food & fitness tips, body confidence work, dispelling the female beauty myth and so much more! AND you get a 10 minute body part specific video to build a strong foundation.

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“I’d like to say a very big thank you for the 10 minutes a day bootcamp. It’s brilliant. I hardly ever finish things I sign up for, but I did this right through until the end…not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I signed up focused on fitness and although that has been a big part of the bootcamp, the biggest shift for me has been my attitude. I recommend it to everyone!”

Karen, The 10 Minutes a Day Bootcamp


I have to admit when I signed up I wasn’t sure what could be achieved in 10 mins , but I have been amazed with the results and have ended the 12 weeks with a more toned upper body and stronger legs – The videos were hard enough to really challenge me but always in a way that I could keep going ….. thanks again”

Maria C, The 10 Minutes a Day Bootcamp


“Sore, tired, euphoric and can’t wait for the next one!! There is no-one like Sarah for working us hard at the same time keeping 10 days of daily exercise fun, entertaining and moreish with progressively amazing results. What an inspirational group of women we are! “

Anne, 10 day Bootcamp

 “Motivating, super professional and fun at the same time. Very encouraging and supportive! “

Abigail, Bahrain Bootcamp

who’s it for?

It’s ideal for women who…

  • Don’t have much time
  • Like immediate changes in your strength and stamina, AND long term health wins
  • Don’t like exercise or cardio workouts
  • Have pelvic floor issues
  • Can’t or don’t like to jump about
  • Want to be strong and fit for life
  • Someone who wants to move AWAY from the ‘go nuts’ bootcamp mentality
  • Wants to break away from their self-limiting habits and behaviours that impact getting results and/or keeping them
  • Thrives from being inspired with positivity, encouragement, education and support
  • Are 14 and above (please note we recommend girls under 18 have full permission of their parents to take part and women over 60 seek the advice of their GP before starting this program)

What’s included?

A 12 week program…

  • Access to ALL the program content with immediate effect, and forever!
  • Weekly emails with all the information for the week ahead
  • Includes an Exercise E-Book with all the 10 minute workouts in an easy-to-follow summary
  • Includes a guiding principles E-Book with how to get the most out of this program and positive eating principles
  • Includes an Inspiration Ebook with all your inspiration audio content in a 1 page summary
  • Keep all the content for life!


  • Janey Holliday and Sarah Honey Lawson
  • Who have over 30 years experience between them
  • They’ve worked together for over 10 years
  • Janey Holliday, founder of Fit for a Princess and online bootcamps at
  • Sarah Honey, founder of The Army Girl’s guide & Health Coach at
  • Janey, a former exercise hater, busy single Mum of 9 year old twins and a toddler.
  • Sarah, always loved exercise and completed 4 years in the army.
  • Both are committed to helping women become stronger, fitter, healthier and happier with their different yet highly complimentary skill set and approach
  • Who want to get women away from the classic bootcamp yo-yo mentality and train for sanity, strength and a long life and help women feel good about themselves, whatever size or shape you may be!
  • Sarah does 70% of fitness videos & 30% of inspiration, Janey does 70% inspiration and 30 % fitness videos

Online Store

What will it cost me?

The whole course is currently on sale for £25. This means you can get started TODAY for just £0.30 per day!

You will receive a workout and inspirational audio each week that will have you upgrading your whole lifestyle.

Not only that, you will have access to ALL the program content with immediate effect FOREVER!

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To join us on this incredible Bootcamp, that you can access again and again to build a strong foundation in your body and mind, preparing you to achieve all your goals, then click the button below. You will immediately join the course and then you can come and join us in the Make It Happen Club! We can’t wait to have you join us!


  • 7 x 10 minute online workouts each week
  • New workouts every second week (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11)
  • Workout Ebook with your workout summaries in an easy to follow list format
  • 6 glute workouts
  • 6 arm workouts
  • 6 back workouts
  • 6 leg workouts
  • 6 core workouts
  • 6 stretch workouts
  • 6 meditation sessions

That’s over 7 hours of workouts you can do anytime, anywhere!
CLICK HERE for the full exercise breakdown


  • A daily 10 minute practical audio or video 6 days a week
  • They are in a 5 minute education / 5 minutes top tips format
  • That can be listened to at a schedule and time to suit you
  • Follow the way we suggest or listen / watch the ones you want to first that are most important to you
  • They tackle women’s weaknesses with food, fitness and lifestyle
  • Such as fitness mindset, health organisation, body image and self-limiting female behaviours and habits
    Including topics like ‘being fit for life’ and ‘fit for a purpose’ and body expectations of yourself and others with the brain washed female culture we live in
  • Plus tackling the common but failing ‘all or nothing’ mentality and the ‘not enough’ mindset
  • Designed to help you listen to your intuition, and effortlessly fit healthy into your lifestyle
    CLICK HERE for the full inspiration breakdown
  • Sign up to receive 2 x workouts and 2 x audios from The 10 Minutes a Day Bootcamp
  • Realise how easy it is to fit into your daily routine
  • Transform your mindset
  • Build a strong foundation which compliments any other training plan